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3/23/2017 2:49 PM

BLOOM UPDATE 3/23/2016

Overview: The overall theme for all regions appears to be early blooms followed by sporadic and scattered spots with nice coverage.  The below normal rainfall in October followed by a warmer than normal winter has made it difficult to predict when areas will be in full bloom for roads and fields. Roadsides are at or nearing full bloom for all regions. There are some really nice spots in all of the major regions, it is just not necessarily widespread in a specific region.  If you are okay with roadside coverage and a few small fields here and there then now to the end of March is a good time to visit any of the regions listed below. The big question is whether more will develop in the fields. March rainfall so far has been below normal, but there are at least two good rain events in the short-range forecasts.  Hopefully, those rain events will help bring out more blue in the fields by the first week in April.  Below are some highlights I have gleaned from public reports or information sent to me. See also Texas Wildflower Reports 2017 at:

Brenham Wildflower Watch reports that now is the time to come. Based on reports that I have seen the bluebonnet coverage is sporadic and scattered, but there are some nice spots and a few fields.  See the latest Brenham Wildflower Watch report at:

Recent updates indicate that at least a couple fields along popular routes are approaching full bloom for bluebonnets. Roads are further along. Current estimated peak is the end of the first week of April to second week. Following locations have been noted in reports. Current status as of 3/22/2017 at:
• Andrews RD – light to moderate coverage.
• Meadow View Nature Park – very nice coverage
• North Trail – includes the popular Sugar Ridge RD

Hill Country
Most of the major roads in the Hill Country are now in or approaching full bloom for bluebonnets.  Some fields are beginning to bloom. Based on reports that I have seen, it appears the roadside blooms should be at full bloom before March 30th with some spots nearing peak or beyond peak. If any fields develop, then they should show up in the next two weeks. Areas east of Texas 16 will generally be ahead in the bloom than areas west of Texas 16.  If you are okay with roadside blooms with some small areas extending beyond the fences, then this weekend should be a good time to go. There are two good chances for rain Friday the 24rd and next Wednesday and Thursday. If the Hill Country gets some good rainfall from either of these rain events that should help improve the coverage some. The following roads have been noted in reports. Coverage is scattered with some long stretches of good coverage combined with patches and shorter stretches.

• Texas 29 east and west of Llano (Llano to Burnet good coverage)
• Texas 16 north and south of Llano
• RR-152 west of Llano
• RR-2323 southwest of Llano
• Texas 71 southeast and northwest of Llano
• RR-1323 east of Sandy (intersection with RR-1320)
• RR-3347 west of RR-962
• US 281 north of Marble Falls at the old stone ranch house


South Texas
Some reports of sporadic coverage, but overall less than average. Mike Jones’ report and Gary Regner’s reports are the two main ones I have seen.  You can view Mike’s report at:
You can view Gary’s report at:

For detailed route info and maps see our free Texas Bluebonnet and Wildflower Routes eBooks at:

HomeHomeWildflower Seas...Wildflower Seas...TexasTexasBloom Update 3/23/2017Bloom Update 3/23/2017