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3/10/2015 4:13 PM

Q: When do Wildflowers Bloom in Texas? 

A: Pretty much all year long. However, the major displays are between Mid-March through Mid-June. Bluebonnets begin to bloom in February along the coast peaking in last part of March. Mostly that bloom line will head north reaching Brenham in late March early April, Hill Country in first two weeks of April and Ennis mid-April.  In a good season there is some overlap and some surprises even into May. Like May 2007 when bluebonnets were still going strong when the firewheels came along:

Bluebonnets and Firewheels

However In Texas, we have a wide variety of wildflowers (over 5,000), and they have learned not to step on each other's roots. So they peak at different times. Phlox, verbena and groundsel will usually peak earlier than bluebonnets. There are prairie varieties of these wildflowers that will bloom later. When Texas was covered with tall grass prairies, some of the wildflowers adapted and produced taller varieties that bloom later in the spring months.


Paintbrush usually mixes in with bluebonnets.

Bluebonnets and Paintbrush
Paintbrush and Bluebonnets

Firewheels (aka indian blanket) come in May and one variety of coreopsis will come in April and another in late May early June.

Firewheels - indian blanket
Firewheels aka indian blanket

Then we have the sunflowers in June followed by Bluebells in late June to early July.

June sunflowers

Bluebells in late June into July

Then we have the fall wildflowers like the asters, gayfeather, Maxmilian sunflowers, and snow on the mountain. Browse through my Texas Wildflower Report galleries. They are arranged so that past years the images are ordered early to later.  You can see how the wildflowers spread across almost every month in the year. Also, you will not find a year (even in the worst seasons) without a wildflower photo.

Especially browse through these galleries:

2015 Texas Bluebonnet Report eBooks!

2015 Texas Bluebonnet Report eBooks

Each eBook covers the best routes and locations for this year based on rainfall analysis and early scouting input.  The eBooks include route maps and route descriptions. New for this year is the Texas Hill Country Outlook!

Links to each will be posted in the eBook section

HomeHomeDiscussionsDiscussionsGeneralGeneralWhen do wildflowers bloom in Texas?When do wildflowers bloom in Texas?