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9/7/2016 12:21 PM

Monarch Fall Migration has begun!

Monarch on Frostweed

For me, nothing goes better with wildflowers in the fall than butterflies - especially Monarch butterflies. I have put together some references to help you locate some monarch butterflies with wildflowers.

The fall migration has begun and based on current projections, it looks to be a good year that could increase the winter population.  Small waystations have been set up on at least two rest areas along I-35 that hopefully will help some.  For reports on current status and projections see:

Here they come! Texas Hill Country ready for robust Monarch butterfly migration

Monarch Peak Migration Status Map

Peak Migration Dates for most of the Hill Country Oct 4 - 22 with midpoint Oct 12th.

You can find your locations peak using the table on this page. First find your latitude using Google search by entering your city and the word "latitude" like this:
"Llano, Texas Latitude" then go to  and find the dates for your latitude. This is just the typical peak, so sightings before and after this will happen.

Some of my favorite locations to photograph monarchs and wildflowers are:

Old Tunnel State Park (  ) - This location in the past had very nice stands of frostweed which the monarchs like. There are picnic tables nearby that will allow you to sit and wait for them to come then using a good zoom you should be able to get some nice shots.

Government Canyon State Natural Area (  ): My first experience at this location was with Queen and soldier butterflies which are close relatives of monarch butterflies. Here is a good article to help you tell them apart.

Queen butterflies on frostweed at Government Canyon SNA

RR 1340 in Kerr County

Monarch butterfly on mist flower
Monarch on tall aster along RR 1340 in Kerr County

Fall Migration Routes

Other References

Current Adult Monarch Sightings

Why is pollination Important

Monarch Butterfly Teacher and Student Resources
The Monarch Lab aims to combine real science with techniques that work for both teachers and students.

US Forect Service Monarch Education


New Post
9/10/2016 10:27 PM

Do you know of any places in the DFW area that are good for seeing the monarchs?

New Post
9/11/2016 10:58 AM

I don't know personally of any specific locations, but anyplace that you would normally visit for spring wildflowers might also have fall wildflowers that would attract monarch butterflies.   The Tandy Hills Natural area east of Fort Worth, The Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge, Great Trinity Forest, Joppa Preserve, McCommas Bluff Preserve, Trinity River Wetlands and Cedar Hill SP would be places to check.



HomeHomeDiscussionsDiscussionsGeneralGeneralMonarch Butterfly Fall MigrationMonarch Butterfly Fall Migration