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9/1/2014 9:10 AM

Fall Wildflowers in Texas

When you mention Texas wildflowers, most will think of the beautiful displays of bluebonnets and paintbrush in the spring. However, Texas is blessed with a wide variety of wildflowers and at least a few are always in bloom no matter whether spring, summer or fall.

In fact, there are several fall wildflowers that can put on a very lovely display given the correct conditions. Some of these fall wildflower include: ( click common name links for photo):
Common Name NPIN  Native Plant Database Link Blooms Bloom Color
Cardinal Flower May - Oct red
Eryngo July- Oct Blue - Purple
Fall Aster, Aromatic aster Sep - Nov purple, violet
Frostweed Aug - Nov white
Goldeneye Oct - Nov yellow
Lindheimer's Senna Aug - Oct yellow
Maximilian Sunflower Aug - Nov yellow, brown
Gregg mistflower Mar-Nov blue, purple
Palafoxia Aug - Nov white, purple, pink
Plateau Agalinis Aug - Oct pink
Snow on the Moutain Jul - Oct white
Snow on the Prairie Jul - Oct white
Tall Aster Oct - Nov white, violet
Texas Aster Sep - Nov white, blue
Texas Blazing Star,  gayfeather Aug - Dec pink, purple
Turk's Cap May - Nov white, red
White Boneset Sep - Nov white

Note: Bloom times and color were gleaned from NPIN - Native Plant Database at:

Stay tuned for more about the Fall Monarch Migration.Fall wildflowers in Texas come with an added bonus...Monarch Butterflies.  The Monarch migration routes cross through much of the Texas Hill Country.  Find a patch of frostweed blooming and you might find a Monarch or two to pose for you.

Monarch on Frostweed



HomeHomeDiscussionsDiscussionsGeneralGeneralFall Wildflowers in TexasFall Wildflowers in Texas