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4/15/2016 1:21 PM

Field Report: 4/14/2016
Locations: Kendall, Gillespie, Blanco, Llano, San Saba and Burnet Counties (in order of travel)

Mellow Yellow Blues

The Hill Country is in transition from the reds and the blues to the mellow yellow blues. Soon it will be the reds and the yellows that take the stage.  There will be some blues and purples to help mix up the colors some. During my trip Thursday (4/14/2016), I saw more evidence that the time is nearing for the bluebonnets to fade away.  As it has been with this “Fringe” season – you know – just when you think this season can’t get any weirder, it does.  I continued to find locations well beyond peak and on the same route locations just at peak.  Many of the locations along Althaus-Davis RD are at peak or just before peak.  However, along CR-308 I saw spots that are almost all seedpods.  There are still some nice scenes out there with bluebonnets and even a few with potential up close shots.  Overall, I got the sense that the transition from the blues and the reds to yellows and the reds has begun.  Some of the routes that still have nice scenes include:

Althaus-Davis RD: Probably the best quality of bluebonnets with some really nice scenes, but the coverage is less than last year and the variety is lacking some.
CR-308: Some small fields with bitterweed with bluebonnets along the roadside.
CR-307 from Texas 71 towards RR-1431:  Some really nice yellow (I this was nerveray) and at times white mixed with bluebonnets. 
CR-304, 306 east from Texas 71: Some really nice yellow and at times white mixed with bluebonnets. 

RR-501: A few milles north of Pontotoc there are some really nice fields of bluebonnets along both sides of RR-501. 
RR-501: About midway to CherokeeSome there are some hillsides nicely covered (50-70%) with bluebonnets, but the density was fairly light giving more of heavy dusting appearance.
CR-215: Going east from Texas 16 to Texas 29 there are some nice scenes along this route with bluebonnets still looking good.

I also saw some really “huge” fields of yellow which I think was bitterweed along Texas 29 between Llano and Burnet.  Not many good spots to pull over and park safely along 29, but the fieds were extensive and colorful.

Texas 16 from Babyhead mountain to CR-315 looked faded and certainly beyond prime time.

)  along Texas 29 near and beyond Park RD 4 intersection. here and there mostly in areas north of US 290 and south of Texas 29. However, I saw lots of firewheel plants with buds along RR-501.  Also saw stretches of the pure Red gaillardia ( saw some short stretces of Firewheels (


More photos in my gallery at:

Note: Corrected CR-315 to CR-215

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4/17/2016 7:57 PM


Nice photos!  I know I can't tell how much work or travel was involved to get these but it seems you had more to choose from than what I saw in Grimes and Washington County on the ninth?  I wish I still had enough get up and go to drive over to the Hill country each spring but I don't.  I am thankful for the decade that I enjoyed those trips and sights of fields of bluebonnets.  Thanks for sharing your support and friendship!

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4/17/2016 9:13 PM

Thanks Murry! I certainly appreciate all the support and contributions of time and energy you have given over the years.  I myself am beginning to slow down some.  I have been out 4 times and one of those was the Easter trip to visit family.  This last time was the most productive of all.  The season continues to be something of a mystery - more lke an episode of the TV show, Fringe with the weird experience of spots along the same road being at different stages of development.  The children's story about the "Little Engine that Could" also came to mind several times when I have been out roaming around. So many spots that come close to but not quite there as they were in 2010.  So it is more like the season that almost could. Still, if you look close enough you can find scenes here and there - you know what I mean?  Even a few fields, byut not where you would expect them to be.  If only the temps and rainfall had been normal in January and February it would have been an awesome season rather than just an average season with a few awesome spots.  I do see some evidence of a good crop of May wildflowers out there.  Not sure if this now above normal rainfall will help or hurt at this point.

I would not make an extra effort to journey out here at this point in the season.  Who knows you might get surprised with some late bloomers in the Whitehall area like 2009. :)

HomeHomeWildflower Repo...Wildflower Repo...Texas Wildflowe...Texas Wildflowe...Hill Country 4/14/2016 - Mellow Yellow BluesHill Country 4/14/2016 - Mellow Yellow Blues